CTU’s Value Proposition

Alternative proposition statements

  1. Serving YOU
  2. Advancing your Cause
  3. In Your Service
  4. Together we Win
  5. Advancing the Digital Agenda through Collaboration

The value statement really must indicate what’s in our services that is beneficial to our customers. Do we offer services that promote their interest. It should not be confused with the mission of the organization. This representation is simply saying That if the stakeholder work collaboratively different stakeholders would satisfy their objectives. In other words a win-win situation.

Operators want a more harmonised regulatory environment, they need access to the policy makers and reduced cost of doing business. CTU offers them the opportunity to help shape this environment.

On the other hand Member states need to develop human capacity, they need to see the Proliferation of ICTs widely available to all citizens thus reducing the digital divide. They also need to apply technology to the operations for improved efficiency and effectiveness. Other organization might perform similar services but the difference is really the manner of execution. For example CANTO might be doing similar things but does our methodology makes us unique .