Our History

Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson

Former Prime Minister and
President of the Republic of
Trinidad and Tobago

It was the late visionary, Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson, former Prime Minister and former President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago who proposed the establishment of a Telecommunications organisation to the Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). He had recognised of the importance of telecommunications infrastructure to strengthening the process of regional integration.

CARICOM Ministers of Telecommunications established Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in April 1989, in Nassau, The Bahamas. The CTU was was given the mandate to address issues relating to the development of the Caribbean telecommunications sector. Mr. Chesterfield Thompson of Barbados was appointed as the interim Secretary General and he conducted the business of the organization from Barbados.

The Treaty establishing the CTU as the inter-governmental Telecommunications Policy Instrument for the Caribbean entered  into force on 16th July 1990. The Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago officially inaugurated the CTU at a ceremony held at the Holiday Inn in Port of Spain on Thursday 19th July, 1990.

Mr. Deoraj Ramnarine

Secretary General 1990

Mr. Deoraj Ramnarine was recruted as Secretary General on 1st Janurary 1990,  and a Secretariat was established in Trinidad and Tobago. which operated out of the Office of the Prime Minister in the Central Bank Tower, on Independence Square Port of Spain. The Secretariat was later relocated to 17 Queen’s Park West, Port of Spain.

Mr. Ramnarine established the administrative structure of the CTU and commenced the work of building a strong institution in earnest.

Mr. Roderick Sanatan​

Secretary General 1994

In 1994, Mr. Roderick Sanatan, an employee of the CARICOM Secretariat was appointed to position of Secretary General. His tenure came to an end in December 1999 and an interim Secretary General, Mr. Winston Ragbir held the position until a new Secretary General was appointed.

Mr. Laurent Justinian Coipel

Secretary General 2004

Mr. Laurent Justinian Coipel was appointed in May 2000. He demitted office two years later on 11th October, 2002.

Ms. Bernadette Lewis

New Secretary General

A CTU committee was then established to determine a process for selecting  and recruiting a new Secretary General. Ms. Bernadette Lewis was reruited, the first woman to hold the position and her tenure as Secretary General commenced on 13th August, 2003.

The new Secretary General, embarked on a process to re-engineer the CTU and to make it relevant in a rapidly changing technology sector. Under her her leadership in 2004 the CTU increased the frequeny of its statutory meetings, expanded the membership categories to include non-CARICOM States, private sector and civil society organisations and formally included information and communication technologies (ICT).