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Launch of the Caribbean Internet Development Foundation


Launched 21st Century Government Initiative by holding the 21st Century Government Summit and Symposium in Antigua and Barbuda Relaunched the Caribbean ICT Roadshow in Guyana


Drafted a National ICT Plan 2017-2021 for Montserrat. Completed a Government Wide Area  Network Design Projects for Dominica,  St. Kitts and Grenada. Successful proof of concept of the Caribbean Video Assistance Service.


Released A Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework (Issue 3.0) Adopted the Caribbean Spectrum Management Strategic Plan 2016-2018 Launched the Caribbean ICT Collaboration Forum, with objective of “Enhancing Effectiveness by Conquering Resource Constraints”  


Inaugurated the new CTU Headquarters. Commemorated 25th Anniversary with activities to develop the CARICOM Single ICT Space. Presented the first draft of the Vision and Roadmap for the CARICOM Single SPSCE.


Released Issue 2 of the Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework. CTU Secretariat relocated to present Headquarters. Led the CARICOM cluster in the development of the Vision and Roadmap for the CARICOM Single ICT Space. Introduced ICT4PWD Workshops for the Deaf and the Blind. Requested by the CARICOM Secretariat to lead the development of the Roadmap …

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Launched ICT for Persons with Disabilities (ICT4PWD) Initiative Commenced the Harmonised Caribbean Spectrum Planning and Management Project Phase 2? Commenced coordination of the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Programme (CARCIP)


Undertook Government Network Design Projects in St. Kitts & Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Drafted a National ICT Plan 2012-2016 for Montserrat. Completed  the  Rapid Response Initiative  and published Evidence for Caribbean ICT Policy Development.


Published the first issue of the  Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework. Launched the Caribbean ICT Roadshow to commemorate the CTU’s 20th Anniversary.


CTU developed IPv6 policy guidelines for the Caribbean. CTU commenced the project to Harmonise Policy, Legislation and Regulations in the Caribbean  (HIPCAR) on behalf of the International Telecommunication Union.